Falsy vs Truthy

Falsy and Truthy is a matter where some things are false and some things are true such as false, 0, “”, undifiend, null, NaN. ““, [], {} Etc. are always true. When I put the lie inside the “” string again, it becomes true again

Undefind vs…

proptypes are used in large applications. You must install proptypes to use proptypes. proptypes will basically check your type. One of the types cannot be mistaken which is the type that will be used. Again, what is arrey is to write arrey like proptype .arrey.

react.js Virtual DOM works much faster which cannot be done in any other way. A statge can be easily updated using it. Which does not take reloading so takes relatively less time. It will render as much as you update. If you want you can check it by going to the browser render option.

The default props is that we pass any one without any value is the default props. We always pass any data with the value of props. For example: {props.name} etc. But when we use the default value, we will write the default parmitor in the file in which we will pass the data.

JSX is javaScript XML. The main advantage of JSX is that we can use javaScript in an HTML code at any time and use HTML in a Javascript file at any time. This is possible mainly because of JSX. So JSX is an important one. We do not have to file HTML or Javascript separately.

React is a flexible, efficient, open source javaScript library. It was created by Facebook company in 2013. The price purpose of creating it is for font-end. It was created by Jordan Walke. With its help we can create components and use them as we wish. react which loads very fast…

Cross Browser testing is a type of non-functional testing that lets you check whether your website works as intended when accessed through:

  1. Different Browser-OS combinations i.e., on popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari — on any of the popular operating systems like Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

2. Different devices i.e., users can view and interact with your website on popular devices — smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops etc.

3. Assistive Tools i.e., the website is compatible with assistive technologies like screen readers for individuals who are differently abled.

It’s about shipping releases that are as browser-agnostic as possible, which is key to delivering a uniform user experience on a diverse, ever-growing range of browsers/devices.

comment is a very important part for programming, we often write a lot of work in a lot of work that does not come to any work except just testing. Comments can be made in two ways, one is single line comment and the other is halo double line comment. You can write comments anywhere you want. Single line comment is // and double line comment is / * and at the end / *. Comments are used in another way that you can write a short summary of what you are doing so that when someone else sees your code can easily understand what you are doing.


javaScript hosting is a default usage and this default usage is called javaScript hosting.

var x

var declarations

Let Declarations

The let declaration syntax is the same as the syntax for var. You can basically replace var with let to declare a variable, but limit the…


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